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The first Psion Organiser had an impressive feature list for 1984:

* 8K Datapak for permanent storage of information.
* A powerful calculator.
* 24 hour clock and calendar.
* A sliding case to protect the keyboard.
* 4K ROM, 2K RAM as standard.
* Optional additional Program and Datapaks.

This compared favourably with the micro computers of the time, such as the commodore VIC 20 or Sinclair Spectrum. Today's Psion computers have considerably more features and memory. Pre-emptive multitasking, a graphical user interface, numerous built-in applications, in fact, loads more!

With in these pages i have tried to place the history of psion computers and and to do it i am making available over 4000 files, This hopefully will give you a feel of Psion Computers.

David Potter, Chairman of Psion PLC said "From the Psion I to the Netpad which created a new generation of mobile computers for professional users, both as individuals and within the corporate IS environment, the look and feel of the hardware is very much like a laptop computer and is light years ahead of the competition.
Psion is set to expand the market for mobile computing by providing solutions that are relevant to the millions of mobile workers worldwide," he said.

These pages are being updated please wait and more and more files will be added .
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